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[Video] Ch3 2017 Calendar


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BTS of their new calendar. This preview shows Anne doing a solo spread and Chom and Ken coupled. I saw other promos with nadech and yaya, and mario and jj but those aren't uploaded yet. Next year looks good already just coz they got a new photographer, George Tadavarich. He did the "Pure" mag with a lot the female celebs last year. Way better than Yai Amat who takes corny action shots...



cr. as tagged


Cr. As tagged

Video bts will air this evening
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Man if they're going to pair up the same old couples again at least pair up KA lol! But now that I watch the video he's been looking rough these days, and them trying to make him look youthful with that hair down is a struggle so I'll pass ahaha. Loving the beach vibes from NY though!

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I think Ken still looks really good. Just his acne scars are popping up more prominently ahahaha and he's hitting the gym now so he's not doing weird diets anymore. Ken, nadech, yaya, and Janie all work out together during the celebrity hours at hot man factory hahahaha

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