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[Music Video] Ch7 Dara's MV For Mother's Day


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I like the setting of it...but true Bow and Pim sounds the best. Mik's voice is flat but he's tall. Weir is not bad. Channel 3 was like a kid's video this one is more of a grown up. But there's no comparison between the two because it's not the same concept.

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aaww how sad bow is the only one barefooted in this video, is she really that tall? How does she get Nang ek roles if she towers over everyone?

So tall girls can't be n'eks? Bow doesn't tower over everyone. Just the short girls and guys. There are plenty of tall p'eks at Ch7. She just have to wear flats in lakorns and to me that's more comfortable than being in high heels all the time. Those short n'eks are bound to have back pain and other issues when they get older due to them always wearing heels. Look at Aum, all those years of wearing heels for a prolonged time took a toll on her knees and ankles. She used to get expensive monthly injection from a German doctor so she wouldn't have pain when wearing heels.

Kwan, Now, and Pim are the same height at 165cm. Bow is around 5'9-5'10 so of course she's much taller than them. Even Preaw towered over Now even though she was in flats and Now was wearing high heels. But Bow should be used to being barefoot because they make her take off her heels a lot during BTS interviews. Bow should wear flats more often like Preaw. She's already tall there's no need to wear high heels.

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