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[Pictures] Ninentertain Awards 2016


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Peuan Paeng won big. Huge Congrats to Khun Thongchai, Weir, and Pooklook. So well deserved!! Congrats to everyone else too.


JamesJi is looking more and more Korean each day. Lol


Pooklook's dress is so ugly.


My favorite onscreen couple. Lolz


Credit as tagged, Pancake, newp, and thansammyfc

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After that interaction with Pan, Weir will probably go home and sing Bor Dai Hak.

I thought we have the same taste. *czy* I guess not. Well, this is my favorite couple at the moment. My Tor-war and Sor-mor.


Sammy looks adorable with bangs.


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Lol You guys know I like to joke around. of course, I wasn't being serious about that.

A closeup picture. Lol They look genuinely happy to see each other. Did anyone listen to Weir's acceptance speech? Hahaha He said thank you to everyone that came into his life. He's referring to his fc. But I can't help but think he's thanking Pancake too. :lol:


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