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[News] Give Orlene Cut Ties With Sister For Getting Back With Porshe


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Yeah, sometimes give might have given grace many chances until she finally said no more. You can only stand so much of BS before you realized it's not worth it. I'm sure it's not a one deal kind of thing for a sister to easily cut ties...she's probably seen and heard all there is for her to come to this conclusion. No matter whom it is you can only do so much for them and then you just don't care anymore. I agree, she should have left it private but it's might be a message to grace that meant I'm done with you.

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I understand wanting to shield your sister from getting hurt. But Give said so herself that her parents doesn't get involved with this because they raise their children the western way, live and learn from your own mistakes. It's Grace's life so let her live it. Grace is 23 years old not 15 years old. She's more than capable of making her own decisions in life. Right or wrong it's Grace's life not Give.

As a sister, Give can voice her disapproval but she can't dictate what Grace can and cannot do. And abandoning your only sibling just because she didn't listen to you is not the way to handle it. Porshe is going to break her heart again anyway so just let them be for now. Porshe is like the next Vee now. No wonder he got the nickname, Milk Teeth Casanova. I won't be surprise if Give saw him cheating behind Grace's back with multiple girls.

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Their family sells luxury imported cars such as Porsche, Ferrari, Rolls-Royce, etc. And they also do other businesses such as real estate. So yeah, their family is pretty wealthy. I know Grace even before she made news with Porshe because she's a close friend of my Kat.

Porshe seems to have a thing for hiso girls. Lol

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