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No photos of the event yet but soon....

Finaleweddingmagazine had their event to show their new collection wedding dresses for 2016. The new collection is "Silver & Gold Elegant."

Here some of the actresses that going to be in this event tonight. I only list a few name here but there are more other actresses & actor that are in this event.

Pancake Khemanit
Cheer Thikumporn
Namfon Patcharin
Kwan Usamanee
Vill Wannarot
Benz Punyaporn
Grace Karnklao
Yardthip Rachapal
Cat Stephany
Green Atsadaporn
Now Tisanart
Bow Mayladasusri
Tuptim Unyarin
Tangmo Pataritda
Nychaa Nuttanicha

Pla Parapadsorn...and ect.....


Photos of this event may be up later tomorrow if fans want to share any of their stars that attend this event. Feel free to post.

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Omg. everyone else looks so plastic, bloated, OLD-wrinkly old, O.o, .............EXCEPT

Nao Tisanart, Benz Punyaporn and Namfom!

Nao looks SIMPLY elegant and gorgeous!

Benz is always sooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful!

Nam looks very beautiful and glowing too.


Kwan looks horrible!!! Really badly aged somehow!

This picture alone is elegant, classy and simply beautiful!. Love it!


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