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[Curiosity] Registering at Spicy


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Hmm, because curiosity got the best out of me hehe.. *lol!*

anyways, i have some friends.. and know some people here and there who's been meaning to register on here for some time but keeps getting "errors" and are denied.. is registering on spicy still locked.. or what ever you call it.. because of the reported bots and spammers from last time? if it is, why is it that some people can still register? *dunno**lips*

lalala that's my curiosity for now hehe..

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Our new board is so confusing, and the definition of options sounds just as confusing, let me try registering and see what happens :blink:

ok this is the message we get

[#10123] The administrator is currently not accepting new membership registrations.

I've managed to open up registration now, so let your friends know it's Spicy is available to new members. IT's been closed forever, cause I dont even remember when we last closed it *<ha*

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LOL i remember back then in 2008 when i joined my expression was *bellow* because i was scared of you admins.. but now that so much time has passed and i know y'all a bit now.. i think y'all are cool :) im glad to be a part of spicy.. it has such a different environment *hehe* AF & SF is my home.. wheeee ... *gh*

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