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  1. Lady Antebellum's "I Did With You" on repeat

  2. At least it's Friday tomorrow!

  3. Don't feel like working. *tired of everything*

  4. Sunday night. Who doesn't wish it was just Friday night?? -_-

  5. Why do we tend to procrastinate and never learn?

    1. aikoden


      Sigh, so true.. I guess old habits die hard... big time!

    2. aiyaja


      It will take a lifetime to change that habit of mine. LOL

  6. Triumph in the Skies II ending is TODAY!!

    1. sunnyaucheung


      was the ending good? I saw a little of episode 1 and it's good. I might continue later after i'm done with lakorn.

    2. love_of_tvb


      @sunnyaucheung: I was quite satisfied with the ending!

  7. Triumph in the Skies II. Anyone watching?

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. NinjaKKN


      I will definitely watch it. :D But I need to finish watching Female Prime Minister first.

    3. shampoo


      I really like the first part but I don't know how good part 2 is. Plus, I held no patience with drama anymore.

    4. love_of_tvb


      @sunnyaucheung: Louis Koo hasn't filmed for TVB in many years. Haha. That site is mostly recent dramas.

      @NinjaKKN: Is Female Prime Minister as Mainland series?

      @shampoo: Part 2 is pretty good, despite some characters are just annoying to begin with.

  8. Pong and Noon reunion?? YAY! E-sa :)

  9. Tomorrow's Friday. AKA Weir and Tangmo's drama is going to air!!

  10. Time to watch some TVB! :D

    1. Sreymao


      Recommend. Me. A good series

    2. love_of_tvb


      Right now, Bosco's "A Change of Heart" is pretty good. And "Slow Boat Home" is pretty comedic too. Let me know what you think!

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