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  1. LOL I am subbing one lakorn at the moment and I am lagging on it big time lol... I am selective with lakorns too. Once you have seen many lakorn, your taste died down. But I like Korean drama from the past. The recent ones are kind of boring to me especially Boys Before Flower. I do not like the Korean version one bit except for the good looking guys . I am a huge fan of HYD but the Korean version ummm.... well... no comment. Other than that, it would have been a flop.
  2. its working fine with me and i am using ie. actually i am on it now.
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    thank you sunny... lol... thanks again...
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    reupload please pretty please... thanks ja
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    I will try this out.
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    Aum Attichart

    she sure did get mine.
  7. I have been searching for this particular fan fiction. It starred Num Teppitak, Ning Kullasatree and Kob Kuvanant. I forgot who was pra ek for Kob. It is a period fan fiction. I have read it about the year 2005. I have been searching. I also can't remember where I read it from. This was a really good fan fiction written in 2004-2005 or maybe even before that. I guess it might be a little to old to find it. lol.
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