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  1. Hiya...I have my own sub group---well it's just me and what ever translator is willing to help. I'm working on a few projects---however only one of them is getting really subbed. However, I want to do the subs for Ngao Asoke; both versions. I will start most definitely with 2008 and then do the 1999 version. I don't need the same translator on the same project. One or other is fine. I love the 1999 version as well---so I wanted to do both. -I'm a timer, encoder, and editor/proofreader [i have issues when the subs don't sound human but literal speak.] Anyway so all I would need is subscript and I can do the rest. I love the drama but can't understand a word and I think this is a good drama to put out there. If anyone is interested in working with me on this it would be great. A thai or khmer (I think this was dubbed in khmer) or hmong (I think it's in hmong, too) fluent speaker will suffice. It's been sorta subbed and then not out there. I'm willing to do the whole thing. Depending on how fast the translator is we can put it out there quickly. I time pretty quickly since I find the whole thing a fun process. Since each show is about 40 minutes I can do the encoding in a few hours for that---2 days max. So I can move quickly through that. Again if anyone is interested in helping me I'd love the help. Thanks.
  2. Understood. Sigh...what to do. I need someone who can put in more time. I don't have time either----I work and go to school and such. But I do this stuff on the side. It's going to take me at least a year to finish the entire Pat/Por work I'm doing and with the subbing of all of Cee/Cheer work----well...it will be a while. I just lke Namfon and want to do her too. Plus I've taken on doing Ngao Asoke---I already have a subber for this one.
  3. Well your not her biggest. Your ONE of her biggest. :blink: I adore her. She got me through Jao Ying Kor Taan. I want to sub that one too. So if you're interested in helping with that one instead..it would be cool. I wanted to sub the other one because I adore Nok and I still don't know how I feel about him with such young co-stars but I love each one except Rita (Rita and Ann just bug me as actresses). So I'm game for that one since I adore Ta but he's been playing gay characters a bit too much. Once was enough...I can live vicariously through male romantic interests. As a female I need a female. Let me know if you're interested in helping me sub Jao Ying Kor Taan.
  4. Sorry forgot to mention. Thai or Khmer speakers are welcome who can translate in English. I accept literal translations---hence profreader. I don't know if there is a Khmer version, but if there is and you're interested, please come along.
  5. Hiya...I'm not sure the best forum for this so I decided to post here. I'm a subber and encoder and working on a few projects. However, I have recently fallen totally for Namfon Patcharin's work. I'm just looking for someone who might be willing to translate and produce th subscript for Preuksa Sawad. It's a drama she has with Nok Chatchai. I can do proofreading, encoding, timing and I do them relatively fast. I just need the subscripts and have to find the full vids. However, if there is anyone who is a Namfon fan and wouldn't mind producing the subscripts (with all credit given to you for them). I'd be really glad. :-clap-:
  6. I'm fully aware. I'm 28 years old and have been watching East Asian dramas since I was a kid. My dad was a Ju Jitsu/Judo sensei so Japanese dominated my life more than the others. Although my uncles were definitely into Chinese film and news. I've sat through hundreds upon hundreds of Jdoramas and I've only seen 1 show that did something out of turn. They didn't say something just did something, mainly if you're not from America you probably wouldn't see as racist. So I gave that a pass. As for Chinese...I've seen hundreds of theirs and nothing so far. Kdramas...I love them but...twice so far in the last few months---which to me is a lot. I'm a Black person...so yeah. I've seen about 2 or so far that had subtle remarks about Blacks that turned me off. It's not the bulk of the story, it's just a phrase that rubbed me the wrong way. It turned me off massively. I see now, about your situation. yeah...I'm more of Por/Pat fanatic...although I plan on watching Oil and Aum dramas too. Check out the drama You Are My Destiny...that was the latest with a blatantly racist remark in the first few eps. ____________________________________________________________________________ It's too bad you guys aren't really into doing a proper sub. Not terrible but there is a major demand for it, or I see the demand building little by little. When I went on d-addicts.com there are several threads asking about Lakorn fans and it produced quite a bit of pages. People are definitely into it....and I think personally that Lakorns have second best storylines---since they define DRAMA perfectly.
  7. Okay great. It's bloody frustrating to be honest. And I noticed on D-addicts. com there are threads opening up more and more asking for Lakorns. As I said I'm part of a streaming site (I'm not fond of them often) but it's a private site that has hundreds of members and I can invite people here who are not members there. Anyway as I stated it has ONLY 3 lakorns. And the amount of reviews those three got was a lot. It seems to me people are demanding it. As a big watcher of dramas I'm so happy to have discovered lakorns because I dropped watching a lot of Kdramas because of racist remarks against Blacks in a few of them (they were offhanded but not cool) and the same old annoying sillyness. At times Lakorns can be cliched but they have a better drama build up than kdramas. In any event, they're good stuff and I have no problems spreading the work out. Plus making them available to download there might be good to getting a larger fan base...ie even bringing in donations to the maintenance of this site. I tend to donate to sub-groups that I love. Not to mention video quality is better in straight dl but you already provide that option. If anything...I can help creating threads on d-addicts that link back to this site.
  8. Hiya guys.... I'm new here and I'm a Lakorn obsessed bunny. I would love to help out being an uploader. I'm actually pimping myself out to a lot of the Lakorn fansub groups because I don't think their hitting the media groups out there too well. I find youtube to be a pretty crappy output location because of what it does to film quality. But I do praise it for giving me a chance to see great Lakorn work that has been subbed. Anyway I would like to be an uploader for full eps. I am also willing to create threads on D-addicts.com for all shows that are subbed. I think the fanbase is broad but not organized. I'm a member of a stream site which is sorely dead for Lakorns it only has 3 Lakorns. 3. When it comes to Jdoramas, Kdramas, Twdramas, Cdramas, and now even Panoydramas their moving on up. I notice there are a lot of Lakorn subbers and videos, but the uploading isn't in all avenues. Most people like having access to the one hour long video and I have no problems uploading videos and seeding them for a while. So if spicyforums is willing we can get that going and especially at d-addicts.com which is like the premiere location for Asiandrama downloads. Plus I can send it to other streamsites with permission from you guys and push the streaming there. anyway if anyone's willing to send me the subbed eps I'll upload.

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