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  1. Guess today's the day to catch a plerng boon episode coz Khemm!

  2. Oh shit sean spicer coming out during the emmy's... pretty epic.  

  3. Plerng Prai re-running and I'm watching!  This lakorn was surprisingly good to me.  

    1. Thip


      was it with Tye & Chompoo?

    2. m3lhouse


      Yep that's the one! This was probably the last good Uma lakorn.  

  4. X... just take my money Apple 

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    2. m3lhouse


      Yeah... that's my macbook air... but you know you're phone is your life hahahaha so it should be worth that much ahahaha but then again I feel like the fun features are just extras ahahaha you know like I don't need this... so the 8s is probably gonna be the way to go coz I need to upgrade no matter what.  But we'll see I'm gonna go test it out and probably get the X ahhahaa I also need a new iPad ahahah I NEED EVERYTHING ahhahaa 

    3. LyLy


      Apple is offering $260.00 for turning in your old phone.  I'm gonna get it but maybe wait until Christmas time lol.  My phone is my life too.  I want the new Apple TV!  No iPad!

    4. m3lhouse


      Oh okay, so the X could actually be $740 hahahaha this is why I don't always buy every model coz they're gonna come out with a new next year and I keep my phones in really good condition. I actually need one of their newer iPads coz mine is the iPad which is basically their 3rd one and it's obsolete.  Some apps do not work well at all right now.  But yeah it's best to wait to hear some feedback too.  Like even if the X is all nice with glass, I always buy a case so it's an extra feature that's making it more expensive than it really should be hahahah wireless charge but the pad it charges on has a wire lololololol oh apple ahahaha

  5. Re-running Krating coz I deserve it!  ahahaha 

  6. Are u fucking kidding me NY in Nakee 2?!?!! Do not want 

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    2. Mai


      I read it on daradaily's ig status, but it said channel announces nadech yaya in nakee 2, so I assume its a lakorn

    3. m3lhouse


      It's gonna be a movie.  The sequel's production was announced weeks ago that it was gonna be made as a movie. The channel is part of the movie production. Khun Pravit head owner of ch3 will also be at the presscon.

    4. Sunyah


      Didn't someone said there going to be a movie version and a lakorn version. Pancake was rumored to be in the movie version and Teaw and Ken in the lakorn version???

  7. Damn, Yaya is part of the new Louis Vuitton smart watch campaign 👏👏👏

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    2. Kimix


      I wouldn't buy it lol the watch looks kind of plain, not quite my style... but I think they must pay her good enough once converted to Thai money was what I meant lol cuz European money does equate more once converted to Thai...but yea, it's def good exposure for her!!!!! She's tough too! lol hopefully in the future, someone else in Thailand will collaborate with Chanel 55

    3. m3lhouse


      It's not impossible for other people to get the opportunity but ultimately it's up to the brand too.  Yaya got picked because she was backed by big fashion people in the Thai industry who presented her to LV.  This time it was the editor of Vogue and probably his team.  Plus she's gonna cover Thai Vogue again in August.  If you followed the LVCruise, they had lots of international Asian stars who probably could've taken her spot among the 12 so LV was most likely picking between those other Asian girls who were there too.  According to the editor of Thai Vogue she had a lot buzz from the event so yeah it's a nice surprise but you can see why they picked her when they showed interest at the show.  Same when Coach requested for NY and one of the main Thai Luxury groups who distribute Coach in Thailand are close to Yaya.   So maybe it'll be hard when Yaya's a big favorite hahahaha

    4. Kimix


      Yaya does have big people backing her up in Thailand ... roll eyes.. so bias lmaoooooo yea, I read she's covering vogue Thailand next month too lol the thais are shouting pride lol 55555 

      Bte I find lv bags so ugly I hate the brown leather coloring and nothing fancy about lv logos lol despite its multimillionaire franchise or whatsoever... I dig Chanel, Celine, Prada bags more lol

  8. It's about to go down on Mask Singer... next week!  Turtle and Oyster should be in the finals tbh.  

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    2. Thip


      Who do you guys think is salapao? Are these episode pre-recorded or actually live? People are saying it's Bie KPN but he's been in between China and thailand back and forth so idk how he manage to do it lol

    3. m3lhouse


      Salapao sounds like Bie.  Some fans said in a spoiler that oyster will lose.  I don't even know how they get spoilers ahahaha 

    4. tEaRdRoP


      Here are my guesses: Salapao-Bie KPN, Jaguar-Bee Peerapat, Oyster-Ohm Cocktail, Turtle-Pannada, Sumo-Lydia, Samurai-??? lols

      But oh wow, they gave out spoilers already?  I guess it makes sense because the show is pre-recorder except for the finale where it is live.  But Oyster is out?  I really liked him too.  I hope my Durian makes a guess appearance at the final round.  That would be awesome!

      Let's start a Thread for this.  I'm obsessed with this show and TOM ROOM39 right now! lols

  9. I never got a virus alert but couldn't log on sometime late last night and when the page would load I got that site up there. But this morning I had no problem
  10. Khun Ja's dad passed away :( ... 2016 is ruthless!

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    2. m3lhouse


      awwww.... sorry about your loss too sunnyaucheung :(

    3. sunnyaucheung


      Thanks...Can't wait for 2016 to be over.

    4. Sunny


      Sorry about your loss sunnyaucheung, I noticed a lot of fathers passed away this year :( Condolence to Khun Ja's family.

  11. Khun Ja's dad passed away :( ... 2016 is ruthless!

  12. James's movie looks so bad! Can't stand the bad English, I'll be reading the subtitles if I watch it hahaha teaser is at his managers ig

  13. So Porn Jark Fah in theaters in bkk. Movie was boring so that was disappointing. But Nine shows a lot of promise!! He's so charming and princely! That was his first feature. He's gonna do real well!

  14. Bout to catch the same flight as YAYA hahaha

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    2. Sunny


      Omg photossss please

    3. m3lhouse


      Naw, no pics. I didn't meet her. Nor would I go up to her hahaha not my thing. I saw her when she came on the plane to sit down. She boarded last and she's fast! The flight was smaller and didn't have like business class so they probably let her board last coz of that. But I knew she was coming ahahaha so weird that our itinerary for vietnam was kinda the same. I was a day ahead of her otherwise I would've ran into her at the tour sites she went on too ahahaha My fr...

    4. Kimix


      how are u in the same flight but not chase her? omg. I would have ran after screaming my lungs out lmaoooo I can't. I just cant miss a chance, well, unless I know I could see her in Thailand lol

  15. Latest guilty pleasure, I Can See Your Voice. #nolakornsnoproblem

    1. cheercee


      Should try The mask Singer out too. It has only 1 eps aired but it's really surprising how good some of their voice are who isn't singer.