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  1. I never got a virus alert but couldn't log on sometime late last night and when the page would load I got that site up there. But this morning I had no problem
  2. Khun Ja's dad passed away :( ... 2016 is ruthless!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. m3lhouse


      awwww.... sorry about your loss too sunnyaucheung :(

    3. sunnyaucheung


      Thanks...Can't wait for 2016 to be over.

    4. Sunny


      Sorry about your loss sunnyaucheung, I noticed a lot of fathers passed away this year :( Condolence to Khun Ja's family.

  3. Khun Ja's dad passed away :( ... 2016 is ruthless!

  4. James's movie looks so bad! Can't stand the bad English, I'll be reading the subtitles if I watch it hahaha teaser is at his managers ig

  5. So Porn Jark Fah in theaters in bkk. Movie was boring so that was disappointing. But Nine shows a lot of promise!! He's so charming and princely! That was his first feature. He's gonna do real well!

  6. Bout to catch the same flight as YAYA hahaha

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    2. Sunny


      Omg photossss please

    3. m3lhouse


      Naw, no pics. I didn't meet her. Nor would I go up to her hahaha not my thing. I saw her when she came on the plane to sit down. She boarded last and she's fast! The flight was smaller and didn't have like business class so they probably let her board last coz of that. But I knew she was coming ahahaha so weird that our itinerary for vietnam was kinda the same. I was a day ahead of her otherwise I would've ran into her at the tour sites she went on too ahahaha My fr...

    4. Kimix


      how are u in the same flight but not chase her? omg. I would have ran after screaming my lungs out lmaoooo I can't. I just cant miss a chance, well, unless I know I could see her in Thailand lol

  7. Latest guilty pleasure, I Can See Your Voice. #nolakornsnoproblem

    1. cheercee


      Should try The mask Singer out too. It has only 1 eps aired but it's really surprising how good some of their voice are who isn't singer.

  8. Making A Murder conviction getting reversed got me watching this series now!

  9. Omg, trivia crack is literally crack! I can't stop playing this game!

    1. Noydarny80


      I used to play the game but I have to stop because I will not get any sleep at all. I think i was the pro in History lol

    2. m3lhouse


      I'm pretty strong all around but don't give me science hahaha

    3. Noydarny80


      I failed on science bad.

  10. Damn... Taeyang and fan on fantastic duo!! Too good!

  11. The new Thai craze, laser tag.... So random.

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    2. Kimix


      ahahaha not gonna lie, I first noticed Mark and Kimmy played first, and now it's trending on the stars' igs. lol :P

    3. roselovesice


      Did they just get laser tag in Thailand or something, because laser tag is so old...? lol It was really random.

    4. m3lhouse


      I think so ahahha but it's interesting to see who's playing together coz for some groups I was like what they're friends!? But yeah lots of stars are playing now ahahha

  12. YAS Broad City Season 3

  13. Got my BEYONCÉ tickets!!

    1. Sreymao


      NICE! I haven't been to a concert in awhile. Sounds fun. Gotta love Beyonce

    2. pam


      which city? trying to get the one on santa clara

    3. m3lhouse


      I'm in San Diego! Good luck!!! She's worth every penny!

  14. So, my Hawaii trip is cancelled! Dengue Fever outbreatk :/

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    2. Noydarny80


      I agreed better safe than sorry. Plus I heard there are no cure for Dengue Fever. All the doctors could do are to watch and hope the patient will recover from it.

    3. Mai


      aww sorry Mel. The resort we were at last time in Hawaii had no bugs literally. Even out shopping there were no bugs. Im surprised Hawaii is affected

    4. m3lhouse


      I know I don't remember seeing any bugs at all. But I don't know there was even a case of a baby with Zika virus so I guess their is a big problem there. Mosquitos hate my blood anyway. But they love my friends. She had pepperoni sized bites at her wedding in Cabo hahaha

  15. Carly Rae Jepson's "Last Christmas" cover is the best cover of this song.