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  1. 2017 Spicy Updates

    Hi ladies of spicyforum, i received an error msg earlier and I was sad. This has happen a few times over the year when you do updates and etc. Anyways, I just want to stop by and say thank you for being here! I'm late but happy 10 years! I don't comment much but visiting spicy have been apart of my everyday routine. So please continue to be here! Thank you again ladies!
  2. Suggestions for SPICY

    OMG. the skin is different. im sooo use to the purple skin. for a second, i thought i was at sarnworld. lol
  3. WM Recorder help...

    I have not use wm recorder in a very long time, since I don't lakorn on obizgo anymore (only my parents). As to recorder on dootv, the only program I know that work right now is Replay media catch.
  4. WM Recorder help...

    wm recorder 10, might not be support on window 7....Right now, there wm recorder 14...
  5. Thaitv.tv

    Wow, Paula you got your wm recorder 14 to work..However, my wm 14 will not recorder any of the flash..
  6. Asian Series

    Do you like watch all Asian series types or just mostly HK Dramas, Taiwanese Dramas, Mainland Dramas, Japanese Dramas or Korean Dramas.... ***If I do come across some, I will let you know...Not only that but at SW some peoples are upload some asian drama with Thai dub so check it out..
  7. Asian Series

    You can always try youtube because in the past there are a lot of Thai dub of Chinese series and some Korean or Japanese that I came across on youtube.
  8. dovcd.com is back...

    you can still order old lakorn for the site, that what they say when I email than the other days. They don't have it post it on there site but you can ask what old lakorn you are looking for.. As for dootv.co.uk, there one right here in the US dootvusa.com.
  9. Best place for Thai Lyrics?

    Romanized lyric is like Thai Karaoke with Thai writing on top and English part below to help you singing along with the song...
  10. Dara Club

    i love the layout and hope to see more update
  11. sarnworld

    spicy was also down on the day i found out that sarnworld was down...but i thought it the server was down...it sucks that sarnworld got the virus, so mean to who ever that did it...
  12. I remember you close it donw but good that is back up because now their more people know Taew
  13. Paula is working oversea, so she might not much news in Thai but I think you will still see her around in magazines...
  14. Alexandra Bounxouei

    thank for the make the forum...
  15. Subbing

    naw...most of the korean series r sub by fans too...except the official series, those take forever to come out...i think sometime fans do a better job at subbin...