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  1. thanks!!!...tepida romanized the lyrics for me butta thanks ill use that for future reference!
  2. hxiong


    oh no wonder!!...I DONT see nemore of the older ch7 lakorns on thaitv.tv.. my brother has a membership..gotta tell him about this.. so dootv is as good as thaitv.tv?
  3. ^ they only have a request for translation..i need the romanized lyrics..lolz
  4. so i like Pleng Ruk Karm Pope's OST and i was wondering where is the best place to find it? or any lakorn ost.. i didn't see anyone post it in the SOngs/Lyrics Translation.>.< Please and thanks!
  5. anyone know anyone else besides lilazngirl on yt who is subbing this??.. ive seen the dubbed ver in my lang..but they cut some parts ou (i think) and i would rather hear kwans and weirs voices... please and thank you!
  6. o0o ok then..lolz thank tho!!!
  7. ehh since i cant redit my post..i have another question.. can you name me all the cast of the lakorn??..please and thank you Ana
  8. wahh!!..thanks so much!!..haha..yea my parents were watching it so i just wanted to know the name..ahha..thanks muchies!!
  9. so Ive watched a lot of thai lakorn when i was younger..but im wanting to rewatch them..but i dont know any of the actors/actresses in them..and i dont know the title..so here goes frm memory: the p'ek is a prince (Peng Tong?) who falls in love with a girl he dreams about, but came to meet his girl who hate the girl (Kiamanee-rathana?? srry..)cause she looks like a horse. but that horse girl was actually his dream girl.. and then he goes off to other countries and marry other girls and blah blah after that.. Horse girla nd Peng Tong gets a son together and he is dying and they have to go to retrieve back his soul..and the horse girl gives up her soul in place of her son... so any idea?? This is an old lakorn i think..iono..>.<
  10. i never knew you get charge for going over??..lolz..i always learn something new everyday..
  11. ahah..^ it was just a thought..lolz
  12. how about someone sub DDH??...lolz...i relli wanna watch it with eng sub..!!.. i hate having to ask my parents for the translation..lolz.. lolz..jkjk..just a thought tho..hehe
  13. ^ do you get em with eng sub?
  14. i wish ethai had lakorns in english sub.. i cant relli understand without subs.. but i herad it was reliable..
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