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Ngao Asoke (2008) & (1999)


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Hiya...I have my own sub group---well it's just me and what ever translator is willing to help. I'm working on a few projects---however only one of them is getting really subbed.

However, I want to do the subs for Ngao Asoke; both versions. I will start most definitely with 2008 and then do the 1999 version. I don't need the same translator on the same project. One or other is fine. I love the 1999 version as well---so I wanted to do both.

-I'm a timer, encoder, and editor/proofreader [i have issues when the subs don't sound human but literal speak.]

Anyway so all I would need is subscript and I can do the rest. I love the drama but can't understand a word and I think this is a good drama to put out there. If anyone is interested in working with me on this it would be great.

A thai or khmer (I think this was dubbed in khmer) or hmong (I think it's in hmong, too) fluent speaker will suffice. It's been sorta subbed and then not out there. I'm willing to do the whole thing.

Depending on how fast the translator is we can put it out there quickly. I time pretty quickly since I find the whole thing a fun process. Since each show is about 40 minutes I can do the encoding in a few hours for that---2 days max. So I can move quickly through that.

Again if anyone is interested in helping me I'd love the help. Thanks.

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