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Font size on netscape


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but even at 100% it's smaller than usual. dont know whats' wrong. But I always set it at 100%, so it should be the same size as the font from mozilla. But it's alright. I already recovered my computer and it's back to normal. I just wanted to know if there's a way to do it without having to recover it

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click on the start button on ur laptop.

1. click on the "accessories" folder

2 click on the "system tools" folder

3. click on "system restore"

then from there you can pick the date to when you want to restore your computer to. Some computers do restore quit often, days apart or weeks apart. Just click on the date you think the problem you're having didnt occur yet

make sure you have the computer charged to an outlet, cause if it runs out of battery during restore you're going to end up loosing everything, and you'd have to bring it in and pay hundreds of dollars to have a technician retrieve ur files

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like say you installed word perfect software on the 7th of february. if you chose to restore the computer to the 1st of february, you will lose any new software you've installed after the 1st of february. But if you make a mistake, you can always "undo" the restore

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