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[Pictures] Miss.Teen Thailand the old and new generations winners


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A look back at the old generation and the new generations winners.

Miss.Teen Thailand 2016 is coming up so I was wonder why not do a look back of the old and new generations winners.

Old generations: 2002 to 2008 the winners :


The New generation 2008 to 2015 : the winners


The new generations of winners are sure getting younger and younger every year.

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I think Amelia Jacob is not pretty at all. Probably the reason why she didn't make it far as nangek. She is mixed but she doesn't have a beauty like other mixed nangeks who are the top now. She signed with channel 3 but still not see her works.

Last I heard from her,she will be in the cupid series. Toey and Boy part. STEPHANY is pretty I like Manao and Mameaw also.I never knew Michelle Berh was runner up to stephany but later sign with ch3.

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