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Compress lakorn episode


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Hi everybody,

Don't know if somebody has already start this topic but i need some help . I usually buy lakorn from people and not from ethaicd for example. The set that i receive is about 3 to 4 dvd and in each disc there is in general 4 to 5 episodes. I'd like to know which program can i use to compress and put for example 5 episodes in a dvd of 4.7 gb. Could somebody *nono* teach me ? Thx

** hope that i was clear **

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what formats are your lakorn in...for example are they .avi/wmv..etc...

assuming that the episodes you want to compress are on your hdd...you could use nero but it cost about 65 bucks and it does a really nice jobs...

or you could use some of the free one

avi to dvd converter


just google and dl

i usually burn my lakorn episode using Superdvd Creator...it cost about 25 dollar and it very easy to uses

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oh wow it seems like dere`s a variety of waes to do it i was wonderin` how to do it too i HAD nero but wen my comp crash it crash too n disappear *hihe**muha* && lately my comp`s being realli SUPER lame n stupid! rawr! keeps tellin` me i`m runnin` out of space! wtw is DAT all abt ?! *rxl*

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do you mean .dat file?

if is then i would think that your .dat file are from your vcd source usually when you convert your vcd onto your hdd it'll either be in mpeg1 or .dat format...

as for your running out of space try cleaning your hdd......check to see how may gig are left...if you have very low gig left it'll tell you that you have very running out of space...go to your c-drive and check

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I'm having trouble with my lakorn episodes as well. I just got this program to burn VHS into DVD. Then I used the program that N'Sunny uploaded to rip the DVD. I wanted to compress it since 1 episode was 1.12 GB, but when I used Windows Movie Maker, it made the quality really bad. I was wondering if anyone would know what kind of program I would use to compress it.

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Since MPG files are already compressed, the resultant output will probably be pretty poor.

try playing around with the bitrate/frame rate in wmm...(don't use wmm so don't know how it work)

If you're committed to mpeg1, then ffmpegX does a pretty good job of encoding very low bitrate mpeg files, although the quality doesn't match the original one...but i think ffmpeg cost around 20 buck (google to see)

Otherwise you would demultiplex (split video and audio) but this step is too hard...

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