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  1. Good day ka p'May, I just wanted to drop by and say Happy Birthday na ka, hope you are having a good time and enjoying life, lots of happiness and love, miss spamming with you! Take care na ka :)



  2. That was the problem that my Compaq had, they changed the motherboard and then they changed the power board. Sometimes it also has to do with the battery... like my brother's laptop he can only keep it plugged in for awhile and then he has to unplug it because if he leaves it plugged in, it shuts off. So he's just sitting in the computer lab, plugging and unplugging his laptop, people were looking at him like he was crazy.
  3. Hey guys, I won't be able to come to the site for awhile because my stupid Compaq isn't working again. They just changed the motherboard and it worked for a week, but now it won't even turn on. Gotta take it back to Circuit City.
  4. Only members with certain amount of posts are allowed into the media sections. Since you want lakorn download, you would need to be a Junio Member. But remember no spamming. Here's the link to the amount. BTW welcome to Spicy. http://www.spicyforum.net/index.php?showto...t=0&start=0
  5. Thanks for the help nalika. I'll try it out.
  6. I'm having trouble with my lakorn episodes as well. I just got this program to burn VHS into DVD. Then I used the program that N'Sunny uploaded to rip the DVD. I wanted to compress it since 1 episode was 1.12 GB, but when I used Windows Movie Maker, it made the quality really bad. I was wondering if anyone would know what kind of program I would use to compress it.
  7. Oh okay thank you though N'Sunny. I think I'll go to Best Buy today to see what they say. Cause if I can convert my VHS into DVD then I can throw the VHS tapes away and make room for other stuff.
  8. I have a question N'Sunny, what if the lakorns are on VHS do I need to go buy a new software for that.
  9. I don't know either, but my mom doesn't really like iptv though....and streaming is so much faster at bbtvthai....
  10. Yeah, they said that they will add in days for the members. I guess that's good though.
  11. They won't be back online until May 3. Such a pain...I was going to go record stuff...
  12. Thanks for the heads up P'Noiki. Still wondering if I should switch or not, the only reason why I like bbtvthai is because more than one person can log into the account at one time...
  13. Yeah, my mom was pretty pissed too because she couldn't watch Supaburout Chao Din. And now I'm just waiting to use my cousin's account on iptv, but it's a pain since my aunt is always on it though.
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