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[News] Kazz Awards 2016


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I never heard of this award before. They have 22 awards and 12 awards went to stars of channel 3. Just two awards went to stars of channel 7 Mike Paradet and Pooklook Fonthip. I noticed Yaya and Nadech are not in this award show. So the superstar awards go to Mai Davika and James Jirayu.

This is the reason why I don't follow award shows anymore because now it all about popular voting.

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Kazz has been around for the last few years and their awards are quite random IMO. Their catergories don't make sense, its like ppl are getting awards just for the sake of it. As far as I'm concerned, Nadech and Yaya rarely ever get awards for them except for 2012 during GRGR which is fine since they always dominate other award shows anyways. Patricia and Namtarn look pretty.

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Only those who graced the cover of Kazz Magazine will get nominated and get the awards. There are so many categories so everyone is expected to win. Lol

I knew Michael will win something because he's scheduled to appear at the award. And Weir will show up at 9Entertain Awards so I'm pretty sure he'll win Best Actor for PP. It's a given that Thai actors will show up at award show if only they win something. *muha*

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