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    I like to watch all the asian dramas, like korean, japanese, chinese, and thai dramas. I'm still hooked on thai lakorns but right now I'm trying to watch phillipino dramas to increase my knowledge of different languages.
  1. Really. Well, thanks, I'll try again. Maybe my connection was too slow plus I also don't know how to navigate.
  2. I've seen two of the dramas listed on her page with subs from other people on youtube. She could have easily watched and copy those subs and encode them slightly different on "her" videos, claim them to be her own and sell them. She hasn't done it yet, but I'm just saying that it's risky to do what she's doing.
  3. This website seems to have a lot of interesting things but I don't know how to navigate. Can anyone help with registering or where to go? can't read thai!
  4. Yeah, shoulda thought of that, backing up. Now I'm looking to buy an external hard drive to store all my back up stuff. Aside from all my school work and personal stuff being gone, what's really sad is that all the photos of my brother, from when he was born in the hospital to when he's one years old are all gone. What's left are the hard copies that I have in my scrap book.
  5. lol... that not so bad because they paid for it... but it is sad cuz you've lost everything that's on that computer. My computer died two times on me and I've lost some pretty important stuff.
  6. The above problems mention are all possible. Laptop only have a certain lifetime span. It could also be due to overheating, the fan's probably not working as efficiently as it used to so the laptop heats up too quickly, which could affect your memory or other parts of the laptop, thus it is slower than usually or could shut itself down. If this is the problem, then it is sign that the laptop will eventually die in the near future. Solution is to invest in a "chill pad" also known as "notebook cooler" that you put under the laptop when you're using to help dissipate the heat away or to lowe
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