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  1. i love superC and use it all the time...it is easy and fast...
  2. check it out...it has a couple links to a couple online streaming thai lakorns with eng sub... http://wasashimi.blogspot.com/2007/06/klin...-klang-jai.html enjoy!
  3. watch movies for free... all kinds...but mostly american...from the oldest to new in theater release...must have divx installed... http://www.movies.nabolister.com/list.php?movieorserie=0 enjoy!
  4. pam, if you want to watch stuff that you download from net on tv without properly format them into a dvd format, then you need to buy that cheap phillips dvd player dvp642. it is loaded with all the codec you need.... hope this help you....
  5. nice site, lots of stuffs to check out. thanks for the link.
  6. i do have this problem occasionaly so what i do is shrink the dvd with dvdshrink then burn it again. haha! even though the dvd is already a copy of a burn copy....well, it works for me... check this link. it give you a tutorial and a link for dvdshrink. it does not hurt to try. http://mysite.verizon.net/eric.groves/pg46.html
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