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  1. 14 hours ago, Sunny said:

    This one I'm not sure, because this hasn't happened to me. Maybe you didn't click the 'remember me' box? because that would keep logging you out after you leave and have to log in again since that option was not enable.


    No it’s always on remember me lol I just thought w the new update they trying to protect my username so it helps me log off automatically becus an Acquaintance of mine from SW FORUM said that her username was mixed up w another cus she kept hers logged in and something happen and she was commenting on this other persons username while she was logged in as hers LOL and I remember that other admin that helps u is also admin there? So I thought made he did it lol 

    But really I just wanna make sure my phones not acting up cus sometimes iPhone sucks lmaoooo 

  2. Again it happens to me lol way too often now >_< wonder if he virus enter my phone I gotta wait at least t2-3 year to come back to the forum so like now I'm able to post and make comment when I leave and come back it'll show the above pic I post and then I'll have to wait a few hours to have it clear ..... is it really just me?:(

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