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  1. hahahahahaha! admin repsonse is so classically funny!
  2. ooh, enjoy! if u can buy it that is.... i never had that problem, but lately ethaicd is loading really slow for me. maybe u can write to the guy at ethaicd if u have more problems. i have his email if u need it. he is very very helpful and is good at correcting mistakes.
  3. also regular shipping only takes like 2 weeks, so if u can wait, it's not worth the extra 10 bucks. what did u order??
  4. deaha

    vdo credit

    ohhh! ok, i know how now. thanks!!!
  5. deaha

    vdo credit

    thank you shampoo!! erm, but what if i have a mac....?
  6. deaha

    vdo credit

    i see many mvs that have somebody's name, or forum name in the corner. just wondering how you do that? thanks!
  7. deaha

    post number

    oh interesting, ok thanks i was just wondering is maybe it didn't get submitted or too close in time or something...
  8. deaha

    post number

    how come on it says i have posted 68, while in fact it is 79 posts? just wondering how the numbering system works thanks!
  9. yeah, but the response was to call the service center, and i'm not in bkk till august. when i reply to the email, it got returned to me. >.<
  10. i bought an mv off of mixiclub, but there is also a license to be downloaded. for some reason i cannot dl it? so my .wmv file that i bought is all scrambled. all the songs i bought off mixiclub work fine (.mp3 file) though. i don't know what to do.... anyone have some ideas? thankssss~ oh also i have a mac, but .wmv files play fine on mac anyway.
  11. deaha

    DVD Ripper

    wowow sunny is such a computer guru.... but do u by chance know a prog to rip dvds on macs? oh, that is free too? i have searched and all progs seem to have bad reviews or cost money.
  12. is itv being sued or something? i read something about it, but i didn't pay too close attention
  13. are we also open to use the moderator functions like "moderate new topic queue?" but actually i don't even know what that means...
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