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  1. Happy 15th Birthday Girl!!!

  2. stage6/divx: no limit at the moment. http://stage6.divx.com/info/faq sorry noiki, i'm not too sure about dailymotion's upload size and time limit per video.
  3. another site that i watch lots of movies from is stage6/divx website. i don't remember the url, but the videos there are really clear.
  4. veoh, dailymotion, and some others, but i can't really remember right now. hope that helps.
  5. quick question about the time. i live in eastern time zone, but when i click to changed it, it still says that today is july 4th. so which one should i pick because where i'm at it is july 3rd 10:00pm.
  6. u did a good job with the layout mann. it's really nice.
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