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  1. OMG, they are remaking The Condor Heroes or aka ROCH. But it's only been just six years. Plus, the person named Michelle Chen will be playing Xiaolongnu (Li Yi Fei's role). Sorry to say this but she's ugly and her beauty does not match all the ones from the older version. Someone start a topic on this! I should also participate in their chinese fan anti-michelle role for this drama!!!! ROFL

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    2. NinjaKKN


      I don't know why they chose her either but I'm tired of complaining. I will tune in anyway because I love my Chen Xiao.

    3. Sherrie


      The director or producer said that the description of Dragon girl closely fit Michelle Chen's appearance so that's why she is the BEST CHOICE for the role ROFL. Seriously! This guy doesn't know what he's talking about!

    4. aiyaja


      ^I thought she was their last option. The role was supposed to go to Angelababy thus all of the wardrobe sags on Michelle because they were already customized made to fit someone taller like Angelababy.

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