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  1. After worrying and stressing myself wondering if I really passed my class, I did. Officially no longer an undergrad, C/O 2016 :D Now I just need to get into grad school.

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    2. awesomedua



    3. tipstar


      Congratulations, Julie!!

    4. aikoden


      Late as heck but thanks everyone <3

  2. Poor P'Aum.. her doggy passed away :( I feel bad for her, she's always in pain because of them.. boohoo.. may the doggy rest in peace.

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    2. Maiko


      Ooh, I just saw a picture of her and her poor dog. I remember seeing quite a lot of pictures of her with dogs, so I'm sure she's a dog lover, and it must hit her really hard. Yes, dear Aiko, may her dog rest in peace. T_T

    3. Sunny
    4. Mai


      I still remember that dog from WWY. So sad for her

  3. Hello, hello, hello. Hope all is well on Spicy :)

    1. Mai


      hey Aiko! Long time no see! Missing you!

    2. Maiko


      @Aikoden: Aw, happy to hear from you again, Julie. <3 Hope you're doing well and fine, dearie! Good luck with school. :)

    3. Sunny


      Hope you've been well Aikoden, you were on my IG last week? hehe

  4. Oh my, why hello Spicies.. :) Sayonara again... my busy life.. :( Anyways, I hope all is well.

    1. Lalita


      Hi Julie! Hope all is well

    2. Maiko


      Hiya, Julie! :D You must have been super busy. Hope that you're able to sit back and relax at times! ^_^

      ~Maiko :3

  5. Will be seeing P'Weir tonight~~~ XD

    1. Thip


      have fun! Hug him for me huhu

  6. First Aum A & Aum P's dogs past away.. now KZ artist KnomJean lost hers too. :( Seeing their pictures are always saddening. May their beloved dogs rest in peace.

    1. Lalita


      It's so sad, I have dogs too, so it's heartbreaking to hear about it

  7. hello hello :) Happy New Year to Spicy! Hope everyone is doing well :)

    1. Maiko


      Hope you are as well, Julie dear! x) Good luck with your studies! :')

  8. Can one of the admins reset my password over at the Sugar-Daily blog? LOL.. I can't recall it.. and don't want to do too many attempts.. hmmm. Thank you :3

    1. Lalita


      I will look into that, but I'm not sure how to do it for the blog lol.

  9. My niece is addicted and in love with Weir & Min. She tells me that she stalks a blog... and I go "Are you stalking Ninja?" she goes "How'd you know???" ahaha.. Thanks Ninja, for making her a stalker lol :P Have a good day/night.

  10. LOL, Thip.. It's been forever since I've been here.. didn't even realized you wished me a HBD lol... gahhh.. i miss Spicy :)

  11. thanks for the bday wish :)


  13. Of course I can hehe.. Just provide me the pics you want and I'll make it :D

  14. that's fine, just send me the pics you want me to use whenever you're ready :)

  15. lol.. you're so funny tip :)

    i guess this is all we can do for now on spicy, since it's still down. have you watched raak boon yet?

  16. I only watched like an hour of the first episode the other day.. so far.. the pace was sort of fast-ish.. but I have to say the quality of the lakorn is really good though :) And have good luck grading the rest of them exam papers..

  17. THIP~~~ It feels like forever since I've last saw you~ MISS YOU!!

  18. Awwe, no internet.. feel you :( and the banner of phet and rotmay was from their movie rak sood tai pai nah (first kiss) hehe :)

  19. awwwe thanks.. i sure miss spicy and everyone else *hugs*:D

  20. Whoo... it's been a long time.. i miss you and spicy!! i need to do my kwan catch up lol..

  21. Hi Sunny :)

    I'm so sad... I just realized that all your channels are gone :( boohoo.. evil youtube!!!

  22. it's such a pity na.. :( i didn't want to remind you but.. i was finally on youtube the other day and was like.. "what happened to p'sunny's videos.." NOOOOO!! you were so dedicated too.. *sniffsniff*.. i'm like scared to upload lakorns... esp ch7.. i don't know why they're so strict.. they should be happy that we're promoting them instead.. hmph....

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