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  1. Kool a Mai English forum. I also been thinking of do a forum for but decide not too. lol A blog would be nice too.
  2. Oh thank Sunny. I will go back to find the topic.
  3. Has anyone buy or order from this site before? Their DVD look really nice. If you have buy from them is it good? I want to buy their lakorn but just want to ask first. http://www.dvdlakorn.com
  4. Hi Ya, I finally got arould to my fan artwork site and update a bunch of my artworks and other things. Update Nov 13, 09 Here the link: Fans artworks Site *new* ==== >>>also I change a newlayout for Cheer Forum and update in some stuff in some section for Cheer forum. >>>I haven't got arould to Poo forum to change the layout and banner it been a while so it might take me a while to update poo forum.
  5. Wow I didn't know that. Thanks for letting us know. I'm so happy now I can still order their old lakorn. And thanks for the infon about dootv in the US. I didn't know they have one in the US.
  6. Yeah sad that they don't have any of their old lakorn. I still want to buy some of their old lakorn but now they don't have it so sad.
  7. Here their new site. I'm happy they are back. I thought they were gone forever. This is the only other site I order my lakorn beside eThaiCD.com. I'm kind of sad they don't have any of their old or past lakorn on the site any more. They only have the new or just finish airing lakorn now. http://dovcd.com/
  8. Aww so sad to hear about this. You work so hard on this too. I hope good luck to you with your other forum..hehe
  9. Yeah I know the only pix we can save are from their profile.... why are they doing this now. They don't want to share it with the fans...
  10. I hope I put this in the right section. ….Anyway I just want to ask is any one having problems with their site saving pix from the lakorn section and other section? I use to be able to save pix from their site but now I can't save them or it won't let me save them. Is it just only me...Can someone help me how to save pix from their site?
  11. Need help if anyone order from this site before? I just want to ask are the price like what they write: like £8.90 so its $8.90 dollars or is it a different price?
  12. Hi ya, Its been a long time that I have update any of my forum... ...Will I just update my cheer forum it have a different url but the old url still work too. And my poo forum I just change a new layout. For my artwork site I finally update some artworks and photos and add a section to put lakorn magz up. Enjoy Fan Artworks site I will add more photos and lakorn magz up later...
  13. hi ya. I just update my fans artworks site today. There are a lot of new poster and other new thing are up. Fans artworks Site
  14. Its ok if your not active in other section of the forum but in fang and bua that still find by me knowing that in their section there active going on...
  15. I don't think right now I should change the url to Cheer's forum. Not yet....Let just wait and see how thing go from there... Fang and Bua only have a section to the forum because I really like Fang so much that why I decide to add her and a member wanted to add Bua to the forum.
  16. I just update my Cheer & Poo forum and new layout for boths forum. In cheer forum I decide to add a section for other n'ke or p'ke. It be easy for me to keep update on my favor n'ke or p'ke. I was think of staring a new forum for my other favor actresses or actors but decide not too because I think there won't be that many member active. In the section there all ready a section for Fang, and Bua (Beam sister). Cheer_Thikamporn Forum Sexy_Poo_Praiya Forum
  17. Hi, ya. Just to let ya know I finally update my site. Its been almost a year now...hehe... Just to let ya know I delete some of the section. I'll update the rest of my artwork tommorw but most of every section is update. I hope ya enjoy visiting my site *lol!* >>>Fan Arworks site
  18. Hi, ya Just to let ya know I just update my site and add a Section for Power 3 Club Artworks. If ya have it go check it out.... Fans artworks
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