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  1. Saw some news CH3 is going to remake "Kom Payabaht."

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    2. Sunny


      I didn't see PN version but I'm sure no version will beat AY but than different generation does do it different...

    3. m3lhouse


      If it's makers, their cast will probably be Carissa and Nicha hahahahhahaha makers 9/10 is horrible! Ch3 flopped the second half of 2014 coz the whole line up was by makers.... But then they redeemed themselves with sood kaen the next year ahhaha

    4. Kulab


      Haha Nychaa as Noi would be a nightmare. But I could totally see Carissa in here, they seem like they're prepping her with a lot of n'rai-ish roles

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