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  1. Is anybody watching club Friday 7... I want to know who sings the song in the episode where she's crying in the bathroom lol.

  2. Can't wait for pretty little liars tonight... Wonder who's the big A.

    1. Thip


      OMG you watch the show too?! hahah me too! after all these years...seems unreal

    2. Sunyah


      I also watch that show too on Netflix. lol But I stop at season 3. I don't know if Iwant to watch season 4 & 5 because it dosen't seem to be good like the first 3 season.

    3. krisayaporn


      In this type series, I like Desperate House. It has many crux in each a season that make me interest,but about this series. It play around a crux of A so long. Then, I don't interested with that anymore. It extend this crux too long.

  3. I would like to see weir and poo pair up. Lol.

    1. sunnyaucheung


      I want them to pair up but at the same time I don't. Lol Poo sucks at acting.

    2. Noydarny80


      I don't want to see Poo and Weir together either. Poo really suck in acting. I hate watching lakorn for good looking pranang with no chemistry or talent.

    3. cheercee


      Poo give interview not long ago that Ch7 asked her to be in a lakorn with Wier but she refused it because she want to take a break. She said the Ch7 to wait till the begining of next year. So maybe they are going to pair up then.

  4. Can someone tell me why dootv has taken the movie section off

    1. honda


      It has to do with copy rights. They taken out some lakorn, music section and some shows as well.

    2. annea


      I had no idea dootv.tv and mydootv is different. I was doing the live chat with them and they can't even explain to me. They just disappeared on me.

    3. Noydarny80


      Yeah they have been ignoring everyone because of the copyright issue. I thought they have legal right to distribute the materials.

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