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  1. perhaps you should edit your post then Sunny if already two people are confused lol
  2. No problem Za.
  3. @tEaRdRoPso you see nothing when you reply to the picture gallery topics?
  4. you can just type hide in brackets then close with /hide in brackets but spoiler option is available too. Read the description in my last post
  5. we lost a lot of the functions, even the thank you button. you can use the hide option for now? lets see if the spoiler option still works by using the code the spoiler option still works...just use the coding for it but the words spoiler in brackets then end with /spoiler in brackets
  6. it takes you to the first page then you have to click the last page to get the latest post. I found it more convenient more where you can pick the last page right from the activity page
  7. tell me about it. Its annoying.
  8. ok lets see if posting images from an outside source works oh so it does work but not dragging the links, you have to drag the picture itself into the post
  9. ok thats good! Can uploaded images can still be posted though?
  10. just cause you're dramatic doesn't mean ur crazy lol
  11. nah you seem pretty informative. Pretty emotional. That means those that hang out with you will never be bored lol
  12. yes most dramatic person lol. You fret over even a wisdom teeth I'm not saying thats bad, don't get me wrong. Most of times its the people who are too chill that are hard to hang with cause they're too chill and unfeeling lol. You have to prompt them for an answer or even an update on their life lol
  13. Don't worry about it. Just when I was about to quit I found a solution. I'm not stressed , just I get annoyed when I can't get things done right lol. If anything you're the most dramatic person I know Sunny. You fret over pretty much anything. Nothing wrong with that, cause then it would make you passionate about things too.
  14. Oh that's weird then. I don't think any of us touched the member groups, so not sure why it's doing that to you
  15. Its the skin Sunny, cause I actually had to go into the skin and put in the url for our forums link. I googled for an answer and someone had the same problem thats how I found a solution. It didnt bother me much at first cause most of the time I'm on the active topics page, but then when I had to go looking for a forum I was like wtf I couldn't find it till I looked around for it. I think once it detects what you usually click thats what becomes your default page. Cause if you actually change the skin at the bottom of the forum, it brings u to the main page first then it changes to the active page once you go there. Its fixed now anyway. I'm still bothered by the missing side bars. People have the same problem but they were able to find it eventually. We have the option to pick what side we want the sidebar in the edit option. But where the heck is it? WE are missing the block manager too. I can't find that anywhere