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  1. The forum was down for a few days again right? LOL 

  2. Did spicy go down for a few days? Or was the glitch just on my end? Lol 

    1. Sunny


      Yes, it was down for 3 days. Welcome back :)

    2. passionalee


      Good to be back! Lol I couldn’t snoop around n I got like a panic attack lmao! 

  3. We are Updated and ready to Rock!

    ^ I did the same thing! What bothers me is that no ones names near them so idk how to reply ahhaah lucky I remember some ppls icon but not their usernames LOL
  4. Tech Issues in Spicy Forum

    Did anyone had trouble logging in? I sure did for a month or so so sad!!!! I even emailed y’all lmao! And I was finally able to signed in after it asked for a number ? Which I typed to get in ahhahaha soooo wondering what happened?
  5. Working 2 weeks straight of 12+ hours. #IMissMySon #ZombieMode 

  6. Ps. Ppls have been making noise since 9am smh! But we gna have the entire block LIT so I'm excited! Lol 

  7. Happy Fourth of July everyone! Have fun and be safe! #america ! Lols

  8. Tech Issues in Spicy Forum

    lol either way it ain't stop me from coming to the forum hahahaha @Sunny
  9. Tech Issues in Spicy Forum

    No I always joke w friends that my phone will get virus from too much porn ( lmfao) but never had it actually happen til recently from spicy forum so I'm just worried cus I didn't think to get protection for my iPhone
  10. Tech Issues in Spicy Forum

    Again it happens to me lol way too often now >_< wonder if he virus enter my phone I gotta wait at least t2-3 year to come back to the forum so like now I'm able to post and make comment when I leave and come back it'll show the above pic I post and then I'll have to wait a few hours to have it clear ..... is it really just me?:(
  11. Tech Issues in Spicy Forum

    Well I'm back on it finally lol man I didn't know it was hay much difficulty to maintain a site! Dam buggers trying to come in smh
  12. Tech Issues in Spicy Forum

    Yes! Last night I couldn't log in and it kept referring me to the site above I posted lol
  13. Tech Issues in Spicy Forum

    Yeah I got the site again three hours ago and I guess it went away so now I'm back on spicy again. I hope the V didn't spread to my iPhone >_<
  14. Tech Issues in Spicy Forum

    Was the forum under attack recently? I kept getting these virus warning and hen routed me to something else i SC a pic of it lol @Mai @Sunny
  15. #goblinfeverstill

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Sunny


      Nope hahah I'm holding on for as long as possible

    3. passionalee


      Girl that's like torture too no? LOL 

    4. Sunny


      Not really, to think when I'm super bored I can watch this hahaha lately I've not been super bored yet.