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  1. Ok cool thanks @Mai loving it still even tho I was freakin out lmao
  2. Yay! Keep thanks @Mai Cool *
  3. Thanks finally saw this and I picked the chameleon one but I still don't see other threads other then the forum announcement. I've click the spicy logo many times and it not work lol and I can't find the top button for just the word FORUM lol
  4. I did pick my own bg & theme but every time I come on it changes to something else cus I originally just had it solid blue lol I can't seem to see other topics beside the forum announcement lol I was only able to rely to one lakorn of tui and vills becus some reply to my thread and I got a nofity lol
  5. Also I can't see any other topics anymore :( I'm using my iPhone and it only shows recent activities. It doesn't show the main thread such as star gallery or lakorns or the international & etc anymore /: did I mess it up ?
  6. Is there a reason why my BG for spicy keeps changing back to something else I had it just plain blue and. Now it's this weird one w snowflakes lol and before it was something else too lol
  7. Well I like it! Thanks for keeping it #LIT kekekeke
  8. Oops I lied after posting the post I know see it. It even tells me when I signed up lol ooh scary ahhaha But what does the bar for like life point means?( I am assuming it's life points becus it looks like that ) & I'm at 17 LOL
  9. Ooh me likey this new update cus I can finally post pics!!!!!! But when it was down I was so sad and lonely lmao >_< good job on new update. For new year new new new new lol I hope my post counts didn't go down I'm on my iPhone and it no showy lol
  10. Oh man! Girl don't loose the forum Now lol it would be really sad :( I think I've encountered this issue before too where it wasn't aol but another issue /: dam viruses Oh pls pin jeab and push club Friday TBO na lol
  11. The past two days I kept hitting the home button to spicy and it kept routing me to AOL. Did anyone had this prob? It's fix now that's why I'm able to post here lol
  12. Aww phooey! Lol. Is anyone else facing this difficulty tho? Lol update to the new one pls lol
  13. @sunny ja I know I emailed u regarding an email to a user on here but I can't even open my inbox. It just keeps on spinning that loading sign :( any reason why it's doing that? In sure my inbox isn't full cud I don't email anyone but that user and if I recall right it might just be four times lol sorry if I'm bugging u on this thread wrongly >_< lmk thanks ^_^
  14. Question , what does it mean when a member / even an admin can not receive anymore new messages? Am I blocked lmao

    1. Sunny


      Maybe your msg is full and you need to delete some.

  15. I never knew we now have status updates! Lol so many changes and diff members now.

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    2. Kimix
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      Yea its been a while lol

    4. passionalee


      Lmao well I was gone for almost ten years hehe @sunny @mai @kmix makes me really miss spicy lol