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  1. Hallo, I hope everyone is well, I apologised. Darvil & I updated the forum last night and it is very new, very different, very sad (because a lot of the script needs to be updated and I think I'm going to take ages to fix this). For now, THANK YOU Darvil for spending time updating the forum to the latest version because it has been overdue for a couple of years (also I did not wanted to update due to the fact that things change and its hard to do stuff) But the longer we wait the more work it'll be. Now, if anything else happens, it'll be my fault... or my doing heheheheh Wish me luck and please get used to the new forum soon. I'll be trying to restore the script to all the add ons we used to have and see what other cool add ons there is for this new version and I'll try to look for a nice skin and all. But I don't even know if I can get my head around this, its been so long I've done this thing.
  2. I think they are trying to see a hidden content in this thread but there is nothing since I didn't put any hidden contents above. I was asking a general question lol
  3. Can you see the hidden contents without replying?
  4. These days us admins & staffs (do we have staffs anymore? *lol!* ) haven't been around lately so the forum is a little bit messy so this thread is dedicated to any members who will gladly help remind us on what is airing so we can pin lakorn threads, what has ended so we can move/unpin etc etc or even remind us to fix a particular topic title, add in or remove. The photos section however, i don't think I can keep up with pinning and unpinning so often, so I'll just pin the current month of the magazines (often the month is put in topic description) sometimes mags from previous gets posted a month late so it may not be pinned even though its new etc etc. Anyways, enjoy and thanks guys for sticking around regardless of how messy it's getting and thanks to those who still keep the forum up to dated
  5. That happened to me too before but now I just click on the x hours ago link it takes me to the last person that's posted. It's faster but I know sometimes its not the first post since you last left so you have to scroll up a bit. Maybe we'll figure something out soon.
  6. I like to entertain but I'm not wild, I like to see people giggle and smile because of my comments or little moments. Life is too short to be stuck up lol.
  7. My dramatic moments come out through writing. But I think if you hang out with me maybe I will become that unfeeling person hahahaha.
  8. I'm the most dramatic person you've known? heheheeh
  9. I just found a cool function though, I typed something last time and left it and quit the forum. After I come back the post was saved from last time. OMG I'm excited because does that mean I will never loose my post? hahahaa I hate when that happens when I type an essay and the forum or window crash and I have to retype or whatever lol. Anyways to be honest, I'm free flowing, I don't know why but I'm not stressed out about this haha maybe because I see that its not a huge deal. Been through too much in life But I think with time I'll probably get into the stuff again. Sorry if I'm like not figuring things out at the moment with you. I think the first two nights after the update drained me out.
  10. How come it happened? It wasn't like this before so I don't think it's the skin that was made to make the activity page a default. Don't stress too much though, just take it slow and give it time, I'm sure we'll sort everything or most things eventually, its not like its a huge mess.
  11. That is happening to me too, I wonder what happened lol I might look into it again tonight after work, v4 have a mind of its own too hehe
  12. Yea, it was easier for me with the last skin. I think we just needed time to explore each skin to find its own features.
  13. This skin n the last skin is from the same creator therefore there isn't much difference minus the options being from top now to the side. I haven't looked into it yet as I've been busy. Maybe tonight
  14. The option only just moved from the top to the right, those options already existed in the last skin only that its now on the right. Plus I think the last skin was better because the top option actually moves down too as you scroll so you don't have to scroll up again to click on 'unread content' This skin the option don't move down.
  15. I want our old cuteness back too hehe but I think we just need time to let this new stuff in and more exploration, we'll get there ^_^
  16. Hi sweetie, It's a new feature in the new version, I was testing it out, it looks neat how you can vote the best answer up lol but we don't need this forum. However we'll just have it since it's something new. Surly there wouldn't be much questions.
  17. There is still many things to look at n explore. I have no idea why when we edit we see that we've edited, however it doesn't show to others, only we see it lol. I have a blurry version after spending 5 hours looking for things last night 🙁
  18. I actually don't know how to get rid of that yet.
  19. Hehe thanks Thip for answering. I was able to view them without replying so I thought, maybe its my Admin powers or the hide contents application needed update. In the end I find out that it needed updating so I went looking for it and now it works. I don't see it if I don't reply
  20. I was taken by surprise too because Darvil worked on it very fast. I asked him if he can help with update, after I give him my client log in with IPB... as I slept it was being done and I woke up next day already everything new lol. I remember the last time Darvil and I try to do it, it took 2 weeks and than still nothing happened hahaha so I didn't think it would be this fast. Nalee, The bar under our name is our reputation of likes.
  21. Sweetie, can you go into the Admin CP?
    I will check out why you cannot reply.

    1. Sunny


      I've checked and there is nothing wrong or different from me, you should be able to do everything :(

  22. Hahahaha scary that you've signed up to this forum for almost 10 years? hehehehhee. Don't worry you were the first few members to follow us to the new forum back before. I wonder if you were with us since 2004 though?
  23. Thank you. The topic colour titles is bothering me so much but... because this is a new version, the hook for that isn't updated yet, therefore I don't think it will show/work on this new version. I'm going to cry if the hook isn't updated or I cannot find the update of it because the forum topics that used to have colour titles look very messy *sigh*
  24. Testing hallo :)

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    2. Sunny


      Yes, it is but I have no idea why... I'm just thinking maybe because the forum is rebuilding all the posts, topics, images, uploads, apps, forums, replies etc from the old version into this new version.

    3. Mai


      this new version is not new and improved *sad*

    4. Sunny


      The thing with updating to a new version, all applications needs to be updated as well and that's the hard part. The disheartening part is... I cannot find an update on the colour topic hook. Because the original creator have no update it to work with this new version *bellow*