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  1. Jai Luang Part 2? For real?? :D

  2. So happy to read the 13 lives of football team are found safe and alive in the cave after 9 days!

    1. tovsleeptov


      I saw!!! Omg so happy for their parent and all those hard works people that never give up 💪. Such a miracle how they stay alive for 9days. God bless them!

    2. LyLy


      I cried when i heard.  I was so happy to hear.  Thanks to all the brave men and women heroes for not giving up on them. 

  3. Wow wow I never thought of reaching 20 but sounds OLDDD hahaha Same with AF I lost password since it changed and never really bother in getting in back. Plus ever since it changed to AF there haven't been any problems of them with us in a huge way so no need. 6 years will pass by quite fast and hopefully by 6 years I can put my single-hood b/h, if not ahhh I wish everyone success in love life
  4. Oh my Buddha, did I just see another notice to update this forum again? *mg**fts* #toomuchtodo *bellow*

    1. Thip


      Fighting!!! *het**yss*

    2. Sunny


      Haha you want to see new skin already?? :555-:

    3. LyLy


      thank you for all you do!

  5. And I remain in the single-hood.. hey does that mean I can have Oil & Push to myself? You fit in the category of success in marriage This is not much fun with the forum calming down haha And I think its natural, we just grow up now and have no time for such issue and dramas (in another way, OLD) I already spent a good 10 years fighting, its time to kind of retire in that drama world and just enjoy the cool flow, real and happier (lonely) times, drama is still welcome but not personal anymore, just others drama like @passionalee said. That's a wonderful idea, I will be here but not sure if anyone wants to make the effort haha. Have an imaginary cocktail and disco lights lol it would be the greatest fun if we can all get together face to face like High School reunion but we just seem to grow and learn together but being miles away from one another. I wouldn't know how my life would be now without this forum, if I didn't spent time growing up with you guys, learn to spell, learn to post and research, analysis series, Thai lakorns embedded the Thai culture and tradition in me growing up in the Western world but still maintain my Thai roots. I think Spicy has contributed a lot to how I turn out and matured online and some in real life. Maybe without this forum I would be out with friends and become so Western haha or I would just be a lurking internet junky else where, and I can't picture that! haha.
  6. Hallo my folks, I know I'm so corny, I'm a very corny person hehehe but I celebrate our establishment every year. 14 years older, 14 years wiser. I'm so so grateful to everybody who has made Spicy come from dial up internet to I don't know even what the latest type of internet world we are in now. I'm so so grateful to those that have started out with us in the very basic, easy and controllable forum style, now it's so difficult to even find a likable skin that is for the version that seems to always need updating. I'm very thankful to every member that has started up with us since the days of no Youtube, not yet Facebook, its one of those MSN, AOL, Yahoo, MySpace, Hotmail and simple text email. I really treasure the days when we, from all corner of the globe stay up because of different time zone so that we can all, in one big group and community post in all types of topics and sometimes even accidentally get mixed up in our replies by replying in the wrong topic because we have 5+ other windows open and replying to them all! I'm happy to see a lot of those that started with us still hanging around and posting, I'm also happy to see new members shyly with caution and slowly join in. I'm also deeply touched to see, no matter how active or inactive Spicy sometimes can be, you guys still check in, roam around, read, stalk, spy... I mean come visit no matter what. Lastly I'm happiest to read and know about every one who have succeed in life throughout the years on and off at Spicy, in love, in marriage, in motherhood/fatherhood, in single-hood (like me, if that is a word), career or just still an internet junky contributing around. Thanks and many many thanks always for supporting me, us, together. We, may not be as active as before, but as long as there shall still be some replies, some views, some interest in the forum. We will try our best to keep Spicy aging because it isn't the future that keeps me wanting to have Spicy going, but it is the present and the past memories and love you've given me.
  7. World Cup, of course no other than Deutschland :wub:

  8. We can now watch Ch7 lakorns via Bugaboo but for a fee hahaha!

  9. Ch7's kissing is becoming advance!? I saw clips on YT of Ch7 lakorn and whaoo, when did this kind of stuff become the norm? The kisses are good but still the same old kiss slap and leads not saying what their hearts wants. But the point is... THE KISS have advanced!? hahaha Its no longer fake its totally a kiss! Sorry I haven't been watching Ch7 lakorn for 2-3 years?

    1. Thip


      which kiss sunny? and by who hahahha

    2. Sunny


      I've no idea who they were haha it was a random clip that pop up on YT as recommend LOL as it can tell what I've been watching hahaha. But its not like foreign kisses, just that its not what I've seen from on Ch7 before so it was a new thing. No more blocking and censoring lol.

  10. Sunny

    [Attention] To the Admins

  11. I've never watched CH8 lakorn but stumbled upon 'Jai Luang' and omgosh FINNNN! this lakorn satisfied my craving for n'ek & p'ek real kisses and tension! Dude I didn't even know the leads but their chemistry really pulled me in hahaha. Recommend if you are bored!

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Sunny


      I've checked and have enabled for you, I had idea it was not automatically enabled, it says member can enable it themselves but I have no idea how you could do that on your own so I did it :)

    3. mdz1


      Gonna go check this out now!!!! :P

    4. Sunny


      You'll be addicted, I was and still rewatch it haha wished there was a thread on this I would give me review haha or maybe I'll make one LOL @mdz1

  12. Sunny

    [Attention] To the Admins

    THANK YOU @Thip
  13. Happy New Year my people!
    Oh another lonely festive day.. I hate end of year lol *rll*

  14. Such a lonely Christmas this year for me, K-drama is my friend... maybe cake and wine too. :unsure:

    1. Thip


      join the club lol. Merry Christmas Sunny*het*

    2. Sunny


      Aawww thank you now I feel loved, Merry Christmas to you too!