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    Sunny lols! I was like...what am I suppose to see? ehehehe
  2. Hide contents

    What are we looking for? lols Edit: I see the same thing before and after the reply....nothing lols!
  3. Welcome New Spicy Members

    Hi Everyone! I'm back ehehehehe!
  4. Oh well....I guess I better start being active again before you crazy people delete me and forget all about me....
  5. Suggestions for SPICY

    So will I...I will continue spam lol. Also load some stuff and translate if any ehehehe
  6. Suggestions for SPICY

    Yeah...I chose "You're cheerful," too ahaha....Now I wanna mess with the fonts. It's pretty fun now lol.
  7. Suggestions for SPICY

    hMMM how would you translate "Tur Na Ruk, (เธอ สดใส) tur Sote Sai" ehehe You're adorable, you're ???
  8. Suggestions for SPICY

    congrat ja. what did you sub? I subbed "Tur Na Ruk by B.O.Y". I did it in 10 minutes ahahah....Daymn I feel like an expert all of the sudden! But the subs aren't as accurate...the song's actually harder than I thought ahaha...And here I was thinking it was a simple song to translate
  9. Suggestions for SPICY

    WOooooooHoooooooooooooo...I just finished my first subbing ahahaha...I actually sub a whole MV without the darn thing closing up on me. YAY!
  10. Suggestions for SPICY

    I like the translation of clips idea too...that'll help a lot of pple who dont understand Thai know what's going on in the clip ...like gossip clips, lakorn previews etc... I'll help in that for sure since it's pretty short ahahah...
  11. Suggestions for SPICY

    Yup...and I've offered to translate movies and talk shows If someone would time and put it in. I would do it myself but I don't know how to use those subtitle software ehehe...plus the one I have kicks me out every 10 minutes so I gave up on learning it. lol
  12. Suggestions for SPICY

    I come here to spam and gossip with you girls...I've lost a lot of interest in Thai Entertainment basically but that could be with age. I am older and a lot of things don't appeal much to me...eheehe..no more fantasizing about praEaks, etc...reality has struck in. I think a lot of people are just caught up in their own lives...job, school, family, boyfriend, etc that's why they're not here as much. Plus lakorns nowadays just plainly suck so we can't blame people for abandoning them ehehe...Same storylines, same faces, too many teeny poppers, not much quality in them etc... Anywho, but I'm always around to help out with stuff tho. Suggestions??? Hmmm what about subbing talk shows? movies? Concerts? I think that will bring more interest here.
  13. dootv.tv

    You know what you can do if you don't have CR/DB cards. You can use one of them Visa Gift cards. You can get them anywhere, but I normally get mine at Walmart. You'll have to pay a fee for it tho. Say if you buy the $100 card one, you'll pay an additional $3 for the purchase of the card and the clerk will activate the card, so you'll have $100 to spend on that card. And from what I understand you can use it like any debit card in stores and online. Hope that help.
  14. dootv.tv

    Are you serious? eeheh...I'll translate talk shows cuz they are shorter and not as complicated as lakorns ehehe...even movies too eheheh...
  15. dootv.tv

    I'll check into that...never used virtualdub before. I dunno if I wanna load lakorns tho since there are some many out there. Maybe I'll do talk shows and concerts...and even put in subs too aaha...I dunno...just brainstorming rite now. I might not do anything at all by morning.