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  1. Happy New Year. 

  2. LOL Came across Kob and Andrew's Look Mai Klai Ton. *muha*

  3. Trying to watch The Strand on Netflix. Is it any good?

  4. Came upon this old old lakorn. OMG Ning Kullastree was a Good actress


    1. Sunny


      Yea its too bad she quit so early, hope she's living well even with her illness now.

    2. Sreymao


      Haha.. I remember this. One of my favorite.  Yai ManKaew lol .pek so cute. 

    3. ladc


      My all time favorite lakorn! Still watch this lakorn there and then. I just adore Patson and Ning.

  5. Yup darv is going to have to keep fixing it. We have some updating to do
  6. Yep we are awared of it. It will keep going down and back or is being really slow
  7. Is Thai lakorn still popular or has it ever been popular? Anyone know how popular they are among people nowadays? 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. shampoo
    3. Sunny


      It seems now a days there are International people watching it more because its being Eng sub more. Its not popular to me anymore lol I've drifted.

    4. Kimix


      I think the popular era was the Kob/noon/aum era, (anything before that I wasn't born yet lol) the nadech/yaya era was just all hyped, nothing substantial lol but I still dig Mark very much so whenever his Lakorn is out, I'm hyped to tune in lol ? 

  8. Back to updating Sugar-Daily!! Don't forget to support us. HAHA

  9. I'm fine. I'm using iPad though
  10. Like if the pages shows them yeah I'll click on page 3 but when on unread content, it doesn't show the page, so no way around it
  11. Anyway, is there an option that when we click on a topic it would go to the last page? Like I read all three pages here but everytime I click on the topic, it goes to page 1. Kind of incovenient.
  12. shampoo

    Hide contents

    I cant see anythjng even after reply though
  13. Lol so once you select unread content it will stay that way. I was like wtf where is the main page? Lol thought i was on a different forum lmao
  14. I was so confused because I'm using spicy on iPad and the last time iwas in, I picked unread activities. That somehow becomes the default. Unless I choose the forum option on the right then it will go to the main page. I don't mind this but doesn't it happen to everyone else else.

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