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  1. Is Thai lakorn still popular or has it ever been popular? Anyone know how popular they are among people nowadays? 

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    2. shampoo
    3. Sunny


      It seems now a days there are International people watching it more because its being Eng sub more. Its not popular to me anymore lol I've drifted.

    4. Kimix


      I think the popular era was the Kob/noon/aum era, (anything before that I wasn't born yet lol) the nadech/yaya era was just all hyped, nothing substantial lol but I still dig Mark very much so whenever his Lakorn is out, I'm hyped to tune in lol 😂 

  2. Back to updating Sugar-Daily!! Don't forget to support us. HAHA

  3. I'm fine. I'm using iPad though
  4. Like if the pages shows them yeah I'll click on page 3 but when on unread content, it doesn't show the page, so no way around it
  5. Anyway, is there an option that when we click on a topic it would go to the last page? Like I read all three pages here but everytime I click on the topic, it goes to page 1. Kind of incovenient.
  6. I cant see anythjng even after reply though
  7. Lol so once you select unread content it will stay that way. I was like wtf where is the main page? Lol thought i was on a different forum lmao
  8. I was so confused because I'm using spicy on iPad and the last time iwas in, I picked unread activities. That somehow becomes the default. Unless I choose the forum option on the right then it will go to the main page. I don't mind this but doesn't it happen to everyone else else.
  9. Can't see without replying whats in the hidden content? I don't see it
  10. Please try to get rid lof those footnote jn the bottom of the forum too. Lol p
  11. Lmao @Song Jong Ki and Song Hye Kuo arguing where they first met.

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    2. tovsleeptov


      Lol at they arguing!! But me too busy with me new crush at the moment gg.

    3. honda


      These two were so cute in DOTS. Love Song Jong Ki!

    4. shampoo


      Hahha I was laughing so hard when he was like I was buying clothes for my mother. Is he sure? Haha

  12. So someone said to me they'd voted for Trump because he can make our economy better. So I ask, what if he doesn't? He answers with a shrug that basically he doesn't care. Trump is a better person than Clinton.

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    2. ASH30


      He has said some stupid crap that can get other people drop out of a race...but then he was up against Clinton. Some Democrats think even a ham sandwich can beat Trump but somehow Hillary can't. Her foundation, email scandal and the DNC shady dealings was too much to overcome. I think, her email plays a big part why she lost.

    3. nina7


      It just pisses me off that someone would favor a reality tv star with absolutely no political experience who is discriminative towards everything under the sun, because he's not a "criminal" and doesn't hide emails. If people actually knew what were in those emails and read the wikileaks archive and did some research, and saw how not so problematic they were they would reconsider their assumptions. And honestly, emails over basic human rights? Seriously, it makes my blood boil...

    4. ASH30


      A lot of people were on the fence about Trump until the wee hours. I think, about 112,000 votes different that gave trump the presidency. If she didn't neglect the white working class she would have won. There's a state...not sure if it was WI or not that hasn't voted a Republican since the 80's and went to Trump. Hillary never even campaign there believing that it's hers since it never went red. She was so sure she would win, she took some.of these states for granted. Th...

  13. Anyone know or recommend what to do in Singapore and Hong Kong for fun? Lol

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    2. Mai


      Sunny, Shamp doesnt know want to know if youve been there and for how long, she wants recommendations lol

    3. Sunny


      I'll be there again in June for 4 days. If Shamp is going after June I can recommend some more haha.

    4. shampoo
  14. Can someone check if you can see blog fine?

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    2. Thip


      shamp, are you redesignning the site bc I went to take a look and it looks all gray to me

    3. shampoo


      No, we're redesigning, it's all gray????

    4. Thip


      I went back to look, it looks fine now

  15. Omg all the lakorns now sucks. Bad acting. Bad directing. And the most important, they're all fugly.

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    2. sunnyaucheung


      The one I like now isn't so bad. It's keeping me interested while I wait for Weir's lakorn to air. lol

    3. Kimix


      lmfaooooo booya! I only pay attention to the very few ones; more like just 1 or 2 now lmaoooooo

    4. shampoo


      It's the plastic that makes them ugly lol