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  1. So excited and happy for my dearest and closest friend, she and her long time boyfriend are engaged. I hope I can or will get in shape by the time their wedding rolls around, want to catch the bouquet lol

    1. Lalita


      Hope your goals are met. Congrats to ur friend

    2. Sunny


      Sounds exciting! at your wedding next hehe

    3. Sreymao


      Aww.. Congrats.

  2. Ready for a new challenge and beginning

  3. I need a vacation, but where to go?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. cherishdaheart


      I never been to Thailand, but would love to go someday especially the beaches there are so beautiful

    3. natty


      Bora Bora!!!

    4. Sunny


      I've only been to Thailand when I go overseas LOL

  4. Sony goods and you can record to 6 hrs, I believe
  5. You're trying to convert your video to mp4? I found one awhile back, but the only problem I had was I could only hear the sound on my ipod
  6. cherishdaheart

    warning %

    Nah twenty or thirty times top
  7. cherishdaheart

    warning %

    No fair Once a day isn't enough for me
  8. cherishdaheart

    warning %

    shall i increase my mods and staff's warning? I think I've found a few target members already Good idea I found some targets, too. Let me see
  9. cherishdaheart

    warning %

    I like this system *evil laughter*
  10. That's how I feel when I force myself to read something when I don't want, either
  11. I'm the same way, too. Too many words to read, c'mon who really have the time to read through a manual hehe
  12. Did you put 6hrs on the recorder? You have to set it up on the recorder on how many hours you want it.

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