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need help


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okay, I actually want to save all the files I have dl because I don't want to leave it in my computer. It takes up space. I also don't want to burn it out too. Is there any kind of drive or something where I can just save it? I have like flash drive but it's only like 512 MB. That is not a lot of space.

This doesn't make sense. *nono*

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Wow So let me resume... You don't want to lose your file, but you don't want to keep them on your HD and on do't want to burn!! :lol:

Do you want buy another hd?:wub:

or maybe if you don't mind upload then try storage online...

I do that when my lakorns take to much space coz like you i don't want to burn lol!!!

Try Mediamax. You can store 25 Gb for free then if you want more space yuo have to $pay$ or you can open new account!!!

Hope that this will help you!

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What I would do is.... just to be easy with myself I would burn all the song and write "lakorn" and then if I want to put it back on to my computer drive again.. I dl it again. well thats what I would do... I dunoe anything about other places where you could save drive....

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