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[Article] Pancake Khemanit admits to signing 20 million baht with True


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Pancake Khemanit admits to signing 20 million baht with True

After moving to True, actress Pancake Khemanit, has been the subject of focus. Recently there has been news of her high pay salary. When we saw her at the Happiness Festival Concert 2nd Year, she reveals to us that,

My pay is still the same but it depends on the details of the project. There hasnt been anything special or change. There is no 20 million per work. But each job has their own standard.

Most of my work is with people I know. I still do charity work. Other than my drama with True, I also have variety shows and things like drama series. You will will see me throughout the year as an actress and host.


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I just don't like how she said she has work throughout the year but before she left ch7 she said she wants more time to focus on her school. If you're gonna move, just move, don't use the excuse of school or whatever.

All I have to say is I hope she said is true that we'll be seeing her throughout the year bc I seriously don't know whats there at True. Like who are the actors/actresses there? Lol

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