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  1. Whoe me too i really hope i don't get kick out love this site i check on it every nite thanks for the notice btw still reading all your post Sunny hope u doing good
  2. I need serious help guys i can't see anything or watch any ch 7 lakron is the a like for Weir new lakron and when i try to look at pic. it won't let me unless i post but where do i do that please help me thanks

    1. shampoo


      For pictures, in the photo section, you have to post before you can see the pics. It's courtesy to leave some comments for the posters. As for lakorn, ch7 are forbidden on YouTube. There might be a link on youku, you will have to ask in the lakorn thread.

    2. Paula


      people just don't know where to look when all the recent lakorns are there for downloading in the archive or buddie media http://asianfuse.net/discuzz/

    3. blackout


      Thanks so much been busy just read your comment but im still confuse i looked everywhere on the page to post or comment on the posters but couldn't find where. Any how u all are the best i got for entertainment, im a thai lakron fan though i don't speck it.

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