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  1. self-quarantine is a good time to catch up all the dramas/movies! 

    but what to watch? I'm so used to everything, nothing seem exciting anymore... 

    only my own lakorn that I made them up in my head lol

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    2. Sunny


      But there are also other things I plan to do if we go into lockdown like maybe organise my wardrobe hahahaha

    3. tovsleeptov


      Someone can’t wait to get lockdown at home hehe. I was the same. 

      Your town should be lockdown now to prevent more spreading. Don’t wait till the hospital almost run out of space then lock down. It would be hard to fix. 

    4. Sunny


      The thing with Australia though is our country is huge for the population that we have, this is why there isn't a lockdown yet, people are spread out very much, scattered across this huge country. We're reaching 1k end of this week though, its in the late 900 now. I doubt my town will be in lockdown, maybe curfew? Or enforced social distancing or limit gatherings.

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