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  1. self-quarantine is a good time to catch up all the dramas/movies! 

    but what to watch? I'm so used to everything, nothing seem exciting anymore... 

    only my own lakorn that I made them up in my head lol

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    2. tovsleeptov


      your country is doing better than u.s. the spreading is still way behind. which is good to start practicing on social distancing. 

    3. Sunny


      Wait I read you guys are going up into the million soon! Omg I hope you guys will get over this and get it under control soon!

    4. tovsleeptov


      our government don't do shit lol. I doubt those number aren't real. a lot of people sick and died yea. but that Manny people died everyday, where did they put all the body? need to see some proof to believe it. 

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