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  1. HOLY MOLY! Poo gave 9 min talk/presentation in English about so many things you can do to better your community and world. WOW! I am so blown away! She is not just a pretty and sexy girl, but she has a KIND heart and brain! ILY, Poo!

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    2. Sunny


      Not everyone is gifted in everything lol Poo's like a real human being, she really enjoyed her college years lol

    3. aiyaja


      Yeah, Poo has grown up. I'm proud of her. Not only is her English really good, her heart is as well. You can tell that Poo was passionate with her message because well, she's not a good actress, so her acting doesn't even come out as passionate and natural as this speech. Lol Keep up that positive voice, Poo. :)

    4. aikoden


      Awwwe, such a great speech by Poo indeed.

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