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  1. hahaha dj mommy.. let's keep it dj chubs lol..

    i've been dying to have a talkshow radio here at spicy.. uncensored.. well no profanity but anything goes! well um rated pg 13.. lol just wont be holding back opinions.. everything from lakorn opinions to stars gossips!

  2. well it's not all that sad.. actually yeah it is.. i back up my files from the laptop daily.. well actually now i do cus i work on it lol.. back then was weekly.. the only thing lost were my stories.. i spent an entire 8 hrs writing.. lol all lost..

  3. yeah.. the hotel was on a busy street.. it's not one of those that you drive up right to the door with a cover.. so they would have to come out to the street to unload the luggage from the car... and he put my laptop bag right on top of everything and it fell while he was pulling it toward the sidewalk.. stupid cab came blaring by and ran right over it..

  4. well.. i lost one at the airport cus the stupid security guy ran it through the xray machine.. totally ticked me off.. then i lost one another one at the hotel cus the bell guy drop it and a car ran over it.. it was sad.. the other 2 was due to all the drops lol.. the one i have right now, well the wireless keeps dropping. and it's not the wireless itself cus j would still be connected while i'm down lol..

    but it's ok lol they're all write offs anyways lol..

  5. lol i always keep it plugged in.. but then the lifespan of a battery are short anyways..

    but anyways.. i've been through 4 laptops in the past 5 years.. why? cus i drop them sooooo often.. lol especially off the bed lol.. my bed is a 2 foot drop too haha.. just today it flew off the bed again..

  6. my laptop keeps shutting down these past two day!!!! Anyone know the reason for these randomly shutting down???

    get it check..

    i drop my old one like um ohhh 2-3x a week *kisses* and then after a while it started to do that too.. found it some chip there were loose lol..

  7. well the posting counts depends on alot of factors..

    1. the time you post could be when we were having problems with the site therefore your posts would be lost.

    2. your posts were spams... and if that was the case, your post counts would fall back and you become a restricted member..

    so mai might be able to tell you more...

  8. ah ok talking to him right now.. he said that vista won't be good to go for another year.. businesses wont be using it for another 3-4.. too many problems and kinks.. lots of program wont work with it.. so he suggest you go back to xp..

  9. my buddy install vista on my laptop once and i didnt like it so he reinstall the xp... from what i heard they said the vista is better for business then personal home use.. i think.. wait.. dont quote me on that.. let me ask him when he calls..

  10. one some days for me mai... iptv's quality is getting really bad too.. my membership should be up next week.. i think i'm going to try something else..

    what other website are there?

  11. lol the forum is not all ok right now.. we just moved to a new server which is suppose to be faster then the old and better.. the move was just last night so alot of things are still out of place.. our admin admin is SORTA working hard on it lol.. so sit patient guys (i dont mean go spam.. don't forget the new spam rules lol)...

    but anyways.. mai should be able to fix the clock when she signs back in later today.. lol i got confuse with the date as well.. truly thought today was july 4th lol.

  12. subbing is hard cause there's some words in the thai languange that's hard to interpret into english

    yup and you dont want to mistranslate either cus it can make it mean something else.

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