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  1. yeah i'm going to give iptv til monday.. if they took everything out then i'm going to switch over.. i mean i dont miss ch 7 lakorns except for wang nam kang but i do tend to watch a few of ch 7's varieties..

  2. my iptv isnt until end of july.. if they dont fix it by that time.. i'm going back to dootv

    seems like they're not updating any ch 7 lakorns either...

    hey noiki what's dootv's website address?

  3. Did Thaitv took away all the old ch7 lakorns?

    yeah they did.. they also took down all the series too.. the last time i heard they were having drama with ch 7... there were some lakorns that they were not able to air and ect.. as well as korean dramas, something about copyright infringement

    but dont quote me on that.. i just heard from the inside source grapevine *muha* ..

  4. well we cant get good quality here in america because IPTV got copyrights to all broadcasting entertainment from thailand.. so all the stores that sell copied lakorns and shows have to get the original from them..

  5. yeah i stop buying from them... not only their quality wasn't all that great but they burn them on a cheap disc.. i had to reburn them on a better disc after i got them just so that they last... so it was such a waste for me..

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