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  1. Today someone asked how long have I been separated from my husband. I was confused and asked why they thought we were separated or divorced. "Cause you guys never post anything about your relationship on facebook." Apparently in 2016 your relationship should be constantly updated via Facebook. No thanks... lol. We value our privacy, our marriage is between us and not our fb friends lol.

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    2. KhoOnxNouxWanxJai


      My thing also is, I'm not an affectionate person in real life. Why would I act like one online? Lol. I mean my husband almost 10 years of being together and I still call him "Loser" instead of honey, babe, baby, etc.

    3. ASH30


      I don't even have Facebook. My friends keep on urging me to get one and I still don't have one. My husband always say,having Facebook is asking for trouble. He has seen many people gets in trouble over it.

    4. Kizukami


      lol that is ridiculous. Personally I dont like or actually I find it quite annoying to see couples constantly updating their stuff on social media. I even unfollowed one of my friend because she was too much with her bf on FB. hahaha

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