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  1. Today someone asked how long have I been separated from my husband. I was confused and asked why they thought we were separated or divorced. "Cause you guys never post anything about your relationship on facebook." Apparently in 2016 your relationship should be constantly updated via Facebook. No thanks... lol. We value our privacy, our marriage is between us and not our fb friends lol.

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    2. Sunny


      hehe but you need to update to keep the 'kiks' and 'mistress' away LOL just kidding ka! So true now a days FB is like a thing where people keep updated and in touch with each other, if you're still posting pics, you're still alive ^^

    3. roselovesice


      It's really annoying when people constantly update photos or status of them and their significant other, because I feel like they're calling for attention. I'm sure most mean well but when it's everyday, that's a bit too much.

    4. Noydarny80


      That's why I tried not to put my dating status on my fb.

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