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  1. Is anyone watching Mr Queen. the Kdrama? Lol I started on epi like 5?? It got good lol 

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    2. Sunny


      I think it'll be hard to move on from GPG @Kate562 as the K-version I saw some bits here and there and the quality so too much better. *lol!*

    3. Kate562


      @Sunnyyup, the K-version does good like it was better quality. I don’t mind the low quality to GPG at all cus I know everything is intentional and that’s what made it so funny. 

    4. passionalee


      Ohhh yeah I forgot lol it is a remake of that lol totally gave me a reminder of the Lakota w Pope n Bella tho lololol but yeah is a remake of the Cdrama. I enjoyed the Kversonz very much. N since I watch that first I prolly won’t give the Cversion a watch lol so I understand the feeling of prolly not wanting to watch the Kverson lol 

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