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  1. Did anyone watched the c-drama "A Love So Beautiful?" I recently discovered a teaser clip of it via other clips of series and ALSB caught my eyes particularly the scene of fireworks or something and nek caught nrai ( lol ) embracing pek in the woods and the 2nd male leads who's prolly one side in love w nek covers neks eyes as pek saw n pushes nrai off him LOLĀ 

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    2. Sunny


      High School leads now a days isn't my cup of tea like before haha.

    3. passionalee


      Yet I agree but idk caught myself watching epi1 yesterday hahahahahaha but I stop before I could finish LOLOLOLĀ 

    4. Sunny


      Haha like I can't relate anymore because its been too long since I was in high school *em:P* let me know how it went and if it turn out to be good for you.

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