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  1. Did anyone watched the c-drama "A Love So Beautiful?" I recently discovered a teaser clip of it via other clips of series and ALSB caught my eyes particularly the scene of fireworks or something and nek caught nrai ( lol ) embracing pek in the woods and the 2nd male leads who's prolly one side in love w nek covers neks eyes as pek saw n pushes nrai off him LOL 

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    2. Sreymao


      I saw my cousin watching it. Kinda skim through it myself *sy*.  Hs school stuff but it's kinda cute. I like when PEK tower over nek lol.  He's the same PEK from handsome siblings I've watch on Netflix just awhile back. Recently I been hook on c-drama. Any recommendations lol

    3. gumiho


      I’ve seen it and it’s definitely not my cup of tea. I found it boring and p’ek is boring and n’ek is those stereotypical dump n’ek. Lol but people like it. I don’t get why they would. It might be because I’m getting old and picky now 🤣😭😂

    4. Sunny


      @Sreymao why not drop into the C-section of the forum hehehe I can recommend some that I like :D

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