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  1. Is anyone watching that remake of bie and fangs? Lakorn hua Jai sila? Lol the new pek n nek looks good together but I have mix feelings about pek lol I can't decide if he's cute or not cus he be looking feminine w his looks lol. Not sure if there's a thread on this remake.....


    1. Sreymao


      I'm watching for nek Fern. She's so cute.  TOR he's alright lol not a fan but he's tolerable.  Beside its funny seeing Ann Siruim and Noon siripan arguments lol. Raeng 

    2. passionalee


      @Sreymao I’m seeing highlights of Pek and nek and He’s always grabbing her and forcing kisses on her lol I guess I’ll wait til it have more episode to watch it n just FF for their scenes lol 

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