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  1. OMG, they are remaking The Condor Heroes or aka ROCH. But it's only been just six years. Plus, the person named Michelle Chen will be playing Xiaolongnu (Li Yi Fei's role). Sorry to say this but she's ugly and her beauty does not match all the ones from the older version. Someone start a topic on this! I should also participate in their chinese fan anti-michelle role for this drama!!!! ROFL

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    2. shampoo


      Wow, she's not pretty compared to classic beauty like Lui Yi Fei.

    3. AT2005


      Knew it a while ago. I am a fan of Jin Yong's novels. Stop watching remakes especially when Yu Zheng decided to change things to his liking.

    4. AT2005


      Shamp: No she is not pretty when comparing to the other actresses who had played the role of Little Dragon Girl. People went as far as calling her a pig. I don't know if that is necessary. Though I personally don't think she fit the role but still feel bad for her being bashed and having to endure the name calling.

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